Sunday, November 30, 2014

The story of Rustam Vasilev.

Doing politics is not an easy thing, especialy in Russia. In Russia everything is twisted. Basically in Russia there are no politics. Only Kremlin dictates politics and Kremlin's politics are ugly from the Soviet times. There are no politicians (there are no elections), there are no local authorities - all of them are Kremlin's puppets without their own voice. Everything controlled and financed by Kremlin. People who disagree with Kremlin are marginalized or thrown in prison.
My first serious encounter with a Russian system happened in 2009. All Russian (Kremlin) system turned on me with all mighty force, but I did fight back. I survived. Against me were police, FSB, Procuracy, Inviestigation office and judges. All if them so called "law", but they are not law, they are bunch of crooks who braking their own laws. They are privatized law in Russia.
It was an entrapment against me commited by police, supported by falsification of FSB. There was only one reason for that, it is to stop my political activity by any means necessary.
Short story. I was installing surveillance cameras, working for a chain of supermarkets. Some company director called me and asked to help him catch a thief, that stealing his money. He asked me to install a camera into his computer speaker. After instalation a "company director" showed a badge of police officer. I was charged with selling "special technical equipment ". 4 years of prison for that. The FSB in Moscow wrote a "technical" expertise, that camera in computer speaker is the "special technical equipment ". I was convicted. OK, camera in computer speaker is a "crime" of the century, but who staged that "crime"? The judge and procuracy absolutly were not interested in who was the requester of "crime". All that Russian circus lasted for 1 year.
Sergey Kirichenko - chief of police ( general). He organized a "operational experiment" (entrapment) against me and appointed a police officers to do it.
General of FSB confirmed with a fake "technical expertise" against me. The Procuracy supported those generals, braking their own "laws" and charged me. There were about 40 officers of police, FSB and Procuracy against me.
I walked out free from those courts of hell, though I was labeled as a criminal.
I organized throughout the Russia a group of an ordinary people who were unjustly convicted by that strange Russian "criminal" article. They went through a Constitutional Court of Russia, but were unsuccessful (of course). People from "president" of Russia and FSB were present at those court hearings and pressed already controlled judges.
My "criminal" case for a fifth year in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Not much hope there. Russia is one of the main sponsor of ECHR. The ECHR is a joke, it is a fiction. They even not looked through the case of Baltic Republican Party banned by Kremlin.
Well, I continued with Prussian issue. Through the years promoting Prussia. Creating new allies with different political groups at local and international level.
One of the successful move was a campaign for a visa free regime for our region with EU.
 Mr. Putin was against it. He was saying, that visa-free regime should be for all citizens of Russia or to nobody (though he was pushing visa free regime for Kremlin's VIPs). Local authorities controlled by Putin kept quiet about visa situation. I started political campaign for facilitation of visa regime. We collected signatures of locals, picketed European consulates and finaly picketed in Brussels in front of European Commision and European Parliament. Europeans heard our voice for Freedom. Now, only citizens of our region visiting EU (part of Poland) without visas. I personally did put Putin's words back to his mouth.
Russian authorities were trying everything to stop me. Prussian Parade were not allowed twice. I was invited for talks in police. Departament E (extremism) of police - political police which oppressing any political movement.
Articles with my name are censored by goverment. Russian TV even aired a programm against me, though people like me a taboo at Kremlin's media. Lots of threats and insults throughout the years, but I got used to that.
 (police and FSB harassing for Prussian flag)
Then came an Ukrainian revolution, which I of course supported. Tensions are raised. Kremlin directly supported pro-Kremlin "separatists" in Ukraine with financial, informational and millitary support. At the same time separatists inside of Russia are criminalized by a new "law", that Kremlin imposed. 5 years of prison or a big fine for even promotion of separatism. The main Human Right, Right for self-determination gone down the drain in Russia. Nations are not allowed to be Free in Russia. Even communists in Soviet Union respected that political right. The Right for self-determination were writen in Constitution of Soviet Union.

Then came 11 of March, somebody installed a German flag at FSB building. The FSB and police came to my appartments to arrest me and search appartnents. They are failed. The things is I was ready for that. I smashed hard disks and modem of my computer. I did burn any political papers. I took away a SIM card from my phone. I did cut any contacts. I was hiding for a few months, looking from a distance at fate of my friends in FSB prison. The FSB was looking for me all that time. It was a constant surveillance by FSB near my home. They were using binoculars, as my neighbors told.  After unsuccessful attempt to find me and arrest me, the FSB even visited my parents. The FSB officer introduced himself as "Yury Yurevich" and showed his FSB card. He told to my parents, that I should stop hiding and they will find me anyway. He left his phone number for me to contact him. I contact nobody.
I knew about criminal behavior of FSB and Russian authorities and never had any illusions about it. I knew, that this time they will throw me in prison for sure. There were a choice,  end up in Russian prison (as my friends) or emigrate to the West. I choosed Freedom. I am in USA right now.

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