Monday, August 23, 2010

For Seth Otto Seth Anderson and other foreigners.

Baltic Republican party banned by Kremlin.
Russia once again became totalitarian and it is a grim near future for the Russia.
Even here in centre of Europe in Konigsberg situation more and more goes down the hill towards totalitarian system.
No free elections, no free political parties, no free newspapers, radios, TV stations, no free market and competition everything controlled by the state.
Kremlin system making inhuman "laws" to give FSB, police unlimited powers, even now they have got uncontrolled powers.
From you Seth and other foreigners I often hear suggestion. "You could make an other party.. with a different name or something and they couldn't ban your new party".
You have got the point, but your words good only in open democratic state, not in Russia.
You see, there is a new "law" about the Parties in Russia. The key legislation governing the formation and registration of political parties in Russia is the federal law “On Political Parties,” which came into effect on July 14, 2001. The original document stated that an organization that consistently takes part in elections, has a membership of at least 10,000 and branches in at least 50 regions, with each branch having a membership of at least 100, was considered to be a party.
An updated version of the law "On Political Parties & Movements" which came into force at the beginning of January 2006, requires each political party to have a minimum of 50,000 members and more than 45 regional branches with a minimum membership of 500 each. We`d better stay as banned local Baltic Republican Party, ( that is more recognizible) then try uselessly to become a federal Party. We are regional Party and we do not wish to have branches in Moscow, Chechnya or Chukotka. This is ridiculous.
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