Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A new arrest in Königsberg.

Nikolay Sentsov, second from left - prisoned. Alexander Orshulevich, first from right - prisoned.

Political activist Nikolay Sentsov arrested by FSB in Königsberg. Just yesterday we talked with him. Lately he was living in Poland ( East Prussian part) and came back to Russia for a few days, where he was arrested. A full blown political oppression goes in Königsberg. Russia is a member of Council of Europe. Who will answer in Council of Europe for political oppression of pro-Europeans, right in the center of Europe in Königsberg? Four political prisoners for today in Königsberg. Their names are: Nikolay Sentsov,  Igor Ivanov, Alexander Orshulevich, Nikolay Mamaev (priest).

Mr. Nickolay Sentsov


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Picketing the United Nations Headquarters.

In front of United Nations, New York City with a Captive Nations Committee.
Free Prussia! We need an answer. Why the UN and Russia are erasing Prassia, one of the greatest European Nation, culture and heritage? The Prussian nation is alive!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Captive Nations Week in New York City. Free Prussia!

 The President Donald J. Trump Proclaimed July 16 through July 22, 2017, as Captive Nations Week.

 On July 16 we did march through the streets of New York City for Free Prussia.

Captive Nation Committee in front of  St. Patrick's Cathedral. Photo Віктар Дудараў​

We attended a High Holly Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral for all nations captivated by communism.
Free Prussia!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Captive Nations Week in USA. Prussian Parade in New York City!

Dear Prussian friends, the time has come! Please, share the info about our Prussian parade in New York! We are calling for all Prussian supporters in USA and all over the world to join us in New York on 16 July. It is an official event. The President of USA Donald Trump will sign and announce about Captive Nations Week in USA. Freedom for Prussia! Freiheit für Preußen (Ostpreußen)!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Picketing in New York City.

Today, 15 June, Mr. Rustam Vasilev picketed for about hour and a half in front of the Russian Consulate in New York City. Free political prisoners in East Prussia! Freedom to Mr Igor Ivanov, Mr. Nickolay Mamaev and Alexander Orshulevich!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Historical parallels of USA and East Prussia.

The archives of the founding father Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin wrote “An Edict by the King of Prussia” for Philadelphia’s Public Advertiser in September of 1773. This satirical article mocks the dominating relationship that Great Britain held over the Colonies by paralleling the illogical relationship between Prussia and Great Britain. Franklin, from a Prussian point of view, highlights the restrictions and laws that Prussia intends to impose on Britain.
The tyrannical approach of Britain led colonists to produce satirical works and propaganda to encourage the people to stand up for their rights, ultimately leading to the start of the Revolutionary War.
Strangely enough, there are historical parallels of Great Britain with American Colonies and Russia with a colony in East Prussia. We are on the right American path to future Independence for East Prussia.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Freedom to political prisoners in Neo-Soviet Russia!

One of the leaders of Russian nationalists Dmitry Demushkin was thrown in prison for 2.5 years for a picture of a political rally in social media. He is a supporter of Königsberg and de-Sovietization. The Kremlin throwing in prison Russian nationalists who disagree with neo-Soviet policies of Kremlin and who against war in Ukraine. The other well known cases of political repression of Russian nationalists are Mr. Alexander Belov case (7.5 years of prison), Mr. Maxim Martsinkevich case (5 years of prison) and BARS group case in Koenigsberg.
Photo: Dmitry Demushkin second to left.
Photo: Dmitry Demushkin first on the right
Video: Dmitry Demushkin with flag of Koenigsberg at Kamchatka Peninsula.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The political oppression in Königsberg.

On morning May 27, the FSB and Russian police arrested 4 Russians. Igor Ivanov, Alexander Orshulevich, Nikolay Mamaev (priest) and Eugeny Artushenko. There were searches at their homes, the computers and political literature were seized. Mr. Artushenko and Mr. Orshulevich were beaten up during the interrogation at police station. The police charging people with "creation of extremist group". There is nothing extreme about expressing your political opinion. There is a monthly plan for police and FSB about arrests and "criminal" cases against political activists. Four kids of Alexander Orshulevich are left without a father and any support. The charges now - article 282 part 1 (the establishment of an extremist organization) of Russian Criminal Code, up to 10 years of prison. The communistic dictator Putin brought a few political articles into Russian Criminal Code, article 282 is one of them.
The charge by FSB states, that the "extremist" group was planning to overthrow the Kremlin authority in former East Prussia with aiming on a secession from Russia and Independence within European Union. Clearly, there are double standards of Kremlin in usage of Self-Determination Right. Kremlin supports separatist in Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass region, but punish Prussian secessionists.
 Update: the local judge Mr. Oleg Lasko gave 2 months of temporary detention to Mr. Orshulevich, Mr. Mamaev and Mr. Ivanov. During this period of time the FSB and Russian police will be writing а "criminal" case. The FSB is hunting now for other members of "BARS" organisation.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The plea to Ukrainian authorities about Königsberg.

It is desirable for Ukraine to officially abandon name “ Kaliningrad” in favor of Königsberg. Mikhail Kalinin was responsible for the Holodomor ( genocide of Ukrainians) in Ukraine and it is not necessary to praise Kalinin even in the names of settlements, especially at Ukrainian maps. The name Kalinin (Kaliningrad) should not be familiar to the Ukrainian ear. This is what the propaganda of the Soviet regime sought is to make their Soviet names common among the people, so the new generations will be consider Soviet names as their own native. There is no financial expenditure for Ukraine and the maps right now not to be redrawn immediately with a new names. We do understand that Ukraine has a lot of problems, it is only the official statement about Königsberg is needed from the Ukrainian side. This is necessary first of all for the Ukrainian authorities themselves. Is it a part of Ukraine's goal to glorify the people responsible for the Holodomor? No, of course! The Ukraine can change the names of cities around the world on its maps, this is an internal matter of Ukraine. Lithuania, for example, officially calls the city as Karaliaučius, not Kaliningrad.
We want to remind the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, that Ukraine must complete decommunization because it is a matter of national security of the country. Historically, the Ukrainians called the city as Königsberg or Krolevets (as Poles and the Czechs).