Saturday, April 11, 2015

Soviet criminal Kalinin and Poland.

All road signs with "Kaliningrad" should be removed or changed for Królewiec ( Königsberg). The Polish historical name of the city is Królewiec . The Communistic regime did change the old city name to "honour" Soviet criminal Mikhail Kalinin. Kalinin was responsible for Katyn massacre, partition of Poland with Hitler, Soviet aggression of 1920 and other crimes against Poland. It is totally unacceptable, that Kalinin still named at the streets and maps of Poland. Those signs mostly in Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian voievodeships. There is a place in Elbląg called "Kaliningrad rondo". Could you pleace, clean up the streets of Poland from "Kalinin". All the best to Poland. Sincerely yours Rustam Vasilev The letter sent to President of Poland, Polish Army, governors of Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian voievodeships.

A Conversation with Nikolay Kirichenko

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Mr. Kirichenko returns for another World View Conversation.
Nikolay Kirichenko is a Russian activist who lives in Konigsberg, East Prussia, current occupied by the Russian Federation and renamed after the Soviet criminal Kalinin. (Kaliningrad).
Mr. Kirichenko has been active in the Baltic Republican Party and its effort to restore the name of the former Konigsberg, East Prussia from Kaliningrad.


Current efforts to restore Konigsberg’s rightful name

Supporters, Detractors, Allies, and other Stakeholders

The current status of the Baltic Republican Party and dissent in Putin’s Russia