Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picketing of the Lithuanian ( Estonian) consulate.

On 27 of September was a picketing near Lithuanian consulate. We are picketed for easing of visa regime for residents of Kaliningrad region by EU. I was an organizer of it.
We were not lucky with the weather, the whole day was a pouring rain. But we Kaliningraders kinda like rain, it`s the usual weather for our region. There were about 20 persons. The picketing was attended by activists of the Baltic Republican Party, NGO "Spravedlivost," NGO "New World" and the Russian People's Democratic Union.
We did not protest against Lithuanians. We used consulate as one of the structure of the European authority. We see
Lithuanians and other Europeans as our friends and neighbours.

Our slogans on picketing were: "Kaliningrad - prisoner of Europe", "Europe is our common home", "We are not hostages, we are not prisoners"
On the picketing we gathered signatures of residents of the Kaliningrad region.
After the picketing I handed over to the Lithuanian consulate a petition with copies of the signatures of 500 residents of the Kaliningrad region.
Part of the signatures.
The rest 2000 original signatures sent by post to the President of European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso.

We are going picketing the following 3 Consulates.
October 4 - Polish Consulate.
October 11 - German consulate.
October 18 - Consulate of Latvia.
We would like to picketing European Commission in Brussels, but for today it is not possible, same thing - visa problems.

An answer of Lithuanian consul Mr. Vaclav Stankevich on our picketing.
In Russian

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You may say I`m a dreamer, but I`m not the only one.

Part of our signatures for facilitation of visa regime for Kaliningrad residents. We put them in form of our region. For today we have got about 1700 signatures.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visa - free pact for Königsberg region and some authorities from Baltic States.

Official letter from Baltic Republican Party.
For Marko Mihkelson, chairman of the Estonian parliament's committee for European affairs, Kersti Luha Press Spokesperson for Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian authorities and others.
The Baltic Republican Party concerned, that some authorities in Baltic States using our region in their political games. We are in Königsberg not your hostages and never will be. Dear Estonian friends could you please deal with Kremlin about your disputed bordering territories directly by your own powers and not by our lives. We are not your prisoners. As we see from our side, your words and actions directed on dividing Europe. You are forgetting for what Europe stands for. Democracy and human rights for you just a tools in your game of double standards.
Personally for Kersti Luha according to that . As a Press Spokesperson for Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs you should know visa policy for EU. About 40 of non EU countries have got visa-free access to the EU including countries like Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, etc. For your better understanding of EU policies I show you a picture. Green - countries with visa-free access to the EU. I`m not sure if you Kersti Luha personally and Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs coping with control of movements of such masses, but I`m sure that you can control one million people from Königsberg region which based within EU. Otherwise your policies are useless.
Personally for Marko Mihkelson, according to that As a chairman of the Estonian parliament's committee for European affairs , you should know that Leningrad and Pskov regions of Russia (in contrast to our region) have a Schengen visa privileges. They may apply for a multiple visa to Finland by a simplified scheme. Documents substantiating the purpose of the trip (the invitation, hotel reservation, etc.) are not required.
Dear European neighbours, could you please think twice before putting your words about our region. Kremlin is not your neighbour, but one million of us are. Here in Königsberg, we have got mostly pro-European views and our common home - Europe.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

German Chancellor Sees Possibility for Visa-Free Travel for Kaliningrad Region.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said visa-free travel for the residents of Russia’s Kaliningrad region could be possible.

The European Union is actively discussing this issue, and things can start moving in the positive direction, Merkel said in Lithuania, where she is on an official visit.

However some regulations have to be changed first and some legal norms amended under the Schengen Agreement, she said on Monday, September 6.

Merkel said she had discussed visa-free travel with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and she did not consider it unreal, but believes that the partners will have to “travel a long way”.

Long live Angela Merkel! She is a woman of the year in Koenigsberg.