Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Criminals in authority of Konigsberg and Russia.

Just one day of politics in Konigsberg under the Kremlin's rule. 
(from left to right Mikhail Shelkun, Mr Davidov and Maxim Buga)
Here at the photo you could see the unity of people who responsible for braking of Human Rights in Konigsberg. Mikhail Shelkun is "working" in city hall in department that gives permition to political rallies in Konigsberg. There are no Freedom of assambly in Russia, so people like Mr. Shelkun are deciding who allowed to do a political rallies and who is not. 
Mr. Davidov is an officer of police, from department "E". The Department "E" (extremism) is a political police in Russia. The Department E organizing persecution of opposition in Russia.
Maxim Buga so called leader of local "cossacks". An affiliated with Russian authority pseudo-military groups of so called "cossacks", controlled and financed by Kremlin. Kremlin using those groups of "cossacks" together with other controlled groups of "bikers" and "soccer fans" in criminal activities against any opposition in Russia. Police is keeping a blind eye on those criminals. They are like Sturmabteilung (SA) in Nazi Germany.
(An organized group of thugs in Konigsberg taking an orders, right before a political rally, ready to beat up any political opposition)
( A group of paid thugs verbaly insulting an opposition)
( group of thugs attacking political activist right in front of police)
The aftermath of those attacks organized by Russian authorities. Political activists ended up in hospital. 

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