Monday, June 13, 2011

Baltic Republican Party on Kremlin TV channel ( NTV).

On Sunday, the TV station "NTV", aired a story about regionalism and separatism in Russian Federation. I said there a few words.

Interestingly, the NTV guys are interviewed about 10 people here (including MPs), interviewed the people's opinion, on the street(20 people), about the future of the region. Me and Sergei Pasko did speak, on camera, with the NTV crew for 5 hours alone. For three days they were filming here and did compress, eventually everything in 1 minute. Well, thanks a lot, to the NTV channel, even for that. Remind you, that every TV&Radio station is under control of the Kremlin. The owners are the people, who affiliated with Kremlin. The owner of NTV channel - the state company "Gazprom".

At the same day, on June 12, our Party member Mr. Igor Kovrigin, held a picketing in Sweden, in the city of Malmo. Igor Kovrigin protested against words, expressed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in denying the fact, that there is should be visa facilitation, for residents of our region with EU. Igor spoke out against the Kremlin's tyranny, where one person administers the fate of a million people. The picketing, also was a part of international political action "Russia - Yes! Putin - no!". The action took place, in cities across the Russia, Latvia, Great Britain, USA, Sweden and Finland.
I want to add, that Russia never had a visa equality, there is NO equality now and never will be. Mr. Vladimir Putin is well aware of it, but puts the citizens of the country into the delusion.
If someone does not know, I will remind you.
Visa exemptions have the following regions of Russia:
1 North-western region of Russia with Finland (EU country).
2 Part of the southern republics of the Russian Federation with Georgia.
3 Far East of Russia with China.
4 Some areas of Chukotka with USA ( Alaska).
5 Murmansk region with Norway.
6 Kuril islands with Japan.
All other regions of Russia obtain visas in these countries on a common basis. Сould you please, Mr.Putin point us out, where is visa equality in Russia? Does your words, just a cheap populism and hypocrisy?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Baltic Republican Party in Germany.

On the 28-th and 29-th of May, took place a meeting of former residents of East Prussia - "Deutschlandtreffen der Ostpreußen". I was invited, as representative of the Baltic Republican Party and a resident of the region, by German and Prussian friends.

The meeting was held in Germany, in Erfurt, at the building called "Messe". By my estimates, about 10000 people attended that event, people came from all over the world. At on official part of the event, speeches were held by; politician Stefan Grigat, member of Bundestag from the state of Hesse Erika Steinbach (who is also president of "The Federation of Expellees"), and others.

The informal part of the meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. As a representative of the Party, I met with many organizations and individuals. We held lively debates about the past, present and future of the region. Baltic Republican Party, strengthening good-neighbourly relations and develops the European connections.
Speech in German by Stephan Grigat.
P.S. There were no Königsberger Klopse on the menu, that`s a pity. :)