Friday, November 14, 2014

Political oppression by FSB in Konigsberg.

A political oppression is going on lately in "Kaliningrad" at a large scale. On 11 March 2014, somebody raised the German flag over garage of FSB (former KGB) in "Kaliningrad" (former German territory). The flag was quickly taken down by guards. The FSB and police detained 4 members of the local political opposition as suspects, Oleg Savvin, Mikhail Feldman, Dmitry Fonarev and Vasily Andrianov.
(Rustam Vasilev, Mikhail Feldman and Oleg Savvin last year)
During those arrests the FSB searched their houses and confiscated their computers and personal belongings. At the same time the FSB was trying to arrest Rustam Vasilev, but they are failed. After a few months of hiding Rustam appeared in USA.
(Rustam Vasilev in USA)
Vasily Andrianov were interrogated for 8 hours by FSB and released later. He was criminaly charged with a possession of firearm cartridges. Pure fake case by FSB. Vasily Andrianov answered with his case against FSB for unlawful arrest and search at his house. After that Vasily were beaten up twice by unknown thugs. Police filed info about those attacks, but doing nothing to find attackers.
(Vasily Andrianov attacked by thugs at political picket in support of Ukraine)
Oleg, Dmitry and Mikhail are still in prison since March without even a trial. They were hunger striking (as no other options left), Oleg lost third of his weight. During that time close relatives of Oleg and Dmitry has died. Political prisoners were not allowed by FSB to attend the funerals. The "Amnesty International" and other organization gave to Oleg, Mikhail and Dmitry status of political prisoners. Mikhail charged by FSB with a possession of bomb substances. Another fake charges by FSB. Oleg, Mikhail and Dmitry filed by Russian authorities to the list of extremists. It means, that all their bank accounts are freezed and they can not get work and money in a future. The Konigsberg's trio facing 7 years in prison.
 Russian authorities (including FSB and police) are trying to erase any liberal and democratic movement. Political activists are beaten up multiple times by thugs affiliated with Russian authority. A few activists ended up in hospital.
(Viktor Gorbunov in hospital after attack)
(Ewgeny Grishin lost his vision to one eye after attack)

The local authorities doing nothing about those attacks. The FSB arresting political activists, searching their (and relatives) houses and creating fake criminal cases.
The Human rights degraded in Russia and Konigsberg. Mr. Putin and his criminal gang directly responsible for it. Russia is a criminal state with a criminal authorities. It is not even a state, it is a thugs's territory.
Local Baltic Republican Party banned by Kremlin since 2005.

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