Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picketing number 2, the Polish consulate.

On October 4 we are picketing Polish Consulate in Kaliningrad from 13 till 14, Kashtanovaya Alley 51. I'm an organizer, Vitaly Lavrinovic from NGO "Spravedlivost" managing the picketing.
The purpose of picketing - to achieve simplification of visa regime for residents of Kaliningrad region.
On picketing we will gather signatures. More then 500 copies of signatures with the petition will be passed to Polish consul, this is the part of 2000 original signatures that we did post to the President of European Commission .
Our slogans - "We're not prisoners, we are not hostages!", "Europe is our common home!"
, "Kaliningrad the prisoner of Europe!"
We invite all parties and organizations to join us on picketing. We are planning that the picketing will attend more than 30 people. This is our second picketing, first picketing near Lithuanian Consulate gathered more than 20 people.

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