Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picketing the Latvian conculate in Kaliningrad.

On October 11 from 13 till 14 was a picketing of the Latvian consulate in Kaliningrad. I`m an organazer, Vitaly Lavrinovich from NGO "Spravedlivost" the manager of picketing. The purpose of the picketing - a request to the institutions of the European authorities for the simplification of visa regime for residents of Kaliningrad region. There were 25 participants of the picketing. The picketing was civil, participated in the picketing residents of the Kaliningrad region. We gathered signatures from passers-by. The picket was supported by the activists of political parties and public organizations. In particular - "the Baltic Republican Party", party "Patriots of Russia," party "Yabloko", NGO "Spravedlivost", NGO "Nash Gorod" and the NGO "New World ".

Our posters were - "Europe is our common home", "Kaliningrad - Prisoner of Europe."
The picketing was peaceful, without shouting slogans towards the consulate. We do not interfere with the work of the Latvian Consulate, our picketing located across the street on the sidewalk.
We did not protest against Latvians. We used consulate as one of the structure of the European authority. We see Latvians and other Europeans as our friends and neighbours.

After the picketing I handed over to the Head of Chancery of Latvian Consulate Mrs Dzidra LIEPINA a petition with copies of the signatures of 550 residents of the Kaliningrad region.
The rest 2000 original signatures sent by post to the President of European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso.
The fourth and final, picketing will be held on October 18 from 13 till 14 of local time near the Consulate of Germany, in Kaliningrad, Leningradskaya street 4.
My phone 8 909 7755 395
Will accept any assistance in organizing pickets.
Our petition in Russian and English you could download here.

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