Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picketing of the Lithuanian ( Estonian) consulate.

On 27 of September was a picketing near Lithuanian consulate. We are picketed for easing of visa regime for residents of Kaliningrad region by EU. I was an organizer of it.
We were not lucky with the weather, the whole day was a pouring rain. But we Kaliningraders kinda like rain, it`s the usual weather for our region. There were about 20 persons. The picketing was attended by activists of the Baltic Republican Party, NGO "Spravedlivost," NGO "New World" and the Russian People's Democratic Union.
We did not protest against Lithuanians. We used consulate as one of the structure of the European authority. We see
Lithuanians and other Europeans as our friends and neighbours.

Our slogans on picketing were: "Kaliningrad - prisoner of Europe", "Europe is our common home", "We are not hostages, we are not prisoners"
On the picketing we gathered signatures of residents of the Kaliningrad region.
After the picketing I handed over to the Lithuanian consulate a petition with copies of the signatures of 500 residents of the Kaliningrad region.
Part of the signatures.
The rest 2000 original signatures sent by post to the President of European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso.

We are going picketing the following 3 Consulates.
October 4 - Polish Consulate.
October 11 - German consulate.
October 18 - Consulate of Latvia.
We would like to picketing European Commission in Brussels, but for today it is not possible, same thing - visa problems.

An answer of Lithuanian consul Mr. Vaclav Stankevich on our picketing.
In Russian


  1. I can tell you to use the names of Koenigsberg/Baltic Republic Party or other sensitive terms are no good! I am sure that Kermlin doesn't like these names very much. It wouldn't help anything in your campaign and it is contraindicated. As you know long time ago Kaliningrad was mainly being a part of Lithuania Minor. Using the flag of Lithuania Minor and seeking to be an independent state from this historical reason are more neutral in this case and it is more acceptable and tolerated by Kermlin. Since there are ton of Lithuanian-Russian living in Lithuania as well and I am sure it can gain more supporters from that area as well.

    Remember if you see a big tree is blocking your way and you couldn't go further, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cut it by chainsaw. What you need to do is passing through on its side and making sure your body is flexiby adjusted. The results are same!!!