Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Statement of the Baltic Republican Party. Part II.

Politics and economics 
Federal laws and certain provisions of the Constitution inspire public the illusion that today you can live better than you work. But this was possible before the 80-ies - until the former rulers have sold the bulk of natural resources to support the communist idea in other countries. 
The situation changed radically: to sell almost nothing, and continue to live better than what you have done by your work impossible. 
The only way out from that situation is to recognize the impossibility of implementation of some promises by the state. Reduction of the state obligations will lead to reduction of expenses and will give the chance to lower taxation burden on economically active part of a society. This will help revive the domestic economy even without western investments. Constant begging for cash by the present government humiliates national pride of Russians. 
Political self-determination of regional community and steps towards self-correction of economic situation will be the most powerful arguments in safety and benefit of financial investments in our region.
The most important element of the economic system should become a principle of life according to own income. The formation and acceptance of the budget with more than a 3% deficit should be prohibited by the Constitution. It liquidates variety of problems and will promote accumulation of own capital.
Essential value for Baltic Republic will be the place in world economy, not just in Russian economy. Attempts by the current leaders of the region to keep the same structure of management are fruitless. BRP believes that we should use the principle of comparative advantage, for example, world niche as an amber shop. 
Economics and Morality 
“No economy will rescue us, if the morals do not triumph" - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in his book "How can we build a new Russia." This idea is most closely reflects one of the main features of the changing socio-political formations in Russia. Enslaved by former and present regime, compatriots with a great difficulty gain inner freedom, and some citizens remain to the end the irreconcilable opponents of changes. Therefore, BRP which acting for freedom and morals, does not exclude reasonable compromises with carriers of other ideologies.
The main task for the authorities and politicians - to avoid confrontation in the society. The process of changing formations do not occur among the Russians, but within each one of us. 
The note 
Being guided by the norms of universal human morality, the Baltic Republican Party stands for the return historical name to our city with the world heritage - Königsberg.


  1. so is the baltic party trying to get independence from russia while maitaning the connection. if so i can go for that. be indpenedent again is good dont who live there.

  2. What would you say Michael on article in Spiegel? "Moskau bot Verhandlungen über Ostpreußen an",1518,695928,00.html

  3. that be sweet but what where the negotiations for indepedence or run by another countryu

  4. if they have banned your party>"Baltic Republic party" open a new party with a Diffrent name...and tell the people if they get independence they will live like West europe...etc..:)If you want that people will vote for your party promis them better life...I really wish that Konigsberg would be the same like it was...

  5. You have got the point, but your words good only in open democratic state, not in Russia.
    You see, there is a new "law" about the Parties in Russia. The key legislation governing the formation and registration of political parties in Russia is the federal law “On Political Parties,” which came into effect on July 14, 2001. The original document stated that an organization that consistently takes part in elections, has a membership of at least 10,000 and branches in at least 50 regions, with each branch having a membership of at least 100, was considered to be a party.
    An updated version of the law "On Political Parties & Movements" which came into force at the beginning of January 2006, requires each political party to have a minimum of 50,000 members and more than 45 regional branches with a minimum membership of 500 each. We`d better stay as banned local Baltic Republican Party, ( that is more recognizible) then try uselessly to become a federal Party. We are regional Party and we do not need branches in Moscow, Chechnya or Chukotka. This is ridiculous.