Thursday, May 6, 2010 $ for Kremlin Fleet in Königsberg.

Ukraine secured a 30% discount for Russian natural gas, expected to cost Russia $40 bln in the next 10 years, in exchange for extending the lease of a Russian naval base.The accords on reducing the price of natural gas for Ukraine and extending the lease for the Russian Black Sea Fleet until 2042 were reached between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovych at the last moment during their meeting in Kharkov in east Ukraine. The lease agreement extends Russian naval presence in the port of Sevastopol for 25 years after the current lease expires in 2017, and may be further extended by another five years.
As European demands on Russian gas drop, monopoly exporter Gazprom seeks to compensate the lower revenues with boosting prices on domestic sales. In 2009, domestic gas prices increased by 46 percent. The company is actively lobbying a further domestic price increase, which eventually will provide equal proportions of its revenues from domestic and foreign sales.That, however, will results in higher power prices for Russian industry, as well as for households. The lion’s share of Russian thermal power plants runs on gas, and higher prices will force them to raise tariffs on electricity and heating for the consumers.
Listen, I also want $ for naval presence of the Kremlin Baltic Fleet in Königsberg, and yes discounts on gas too. I do not know why, but in our region no natural gas in half of cities and villages. It is simply not available or we have expensive liquefied gas. Here for example in Mamonovo that near Polish border, my parents of retirement age without gas. And every election for decades candidates for mayor say that next year, in Mamonovo will be natural gas. Mayors come and go, but still no gas. Not only that we ourselves have got no gas, bloody Kremlin whip away my last money on "investment support" to Ukraine. Beat your own to someone else's fear - the motto of the Kremlin policy.
So here I am, without gas, without money, but with a donut hole - the Kremlin Fleet.

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