Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mission Statement of the Baltic Republican Party. Part I.

As a member of the Baltic Republican Party I represent a program of BRP. The only party which is close to me by the ideology, objectives and in spirit. The activities of the party banned by the Kremlin. ~ baltia / 


In Russia there is a change of social and political formations. At the same time have already occurred stronger social relations, based on - the recognition of individual rights and freedoms, and equality remains in the form of equality of opportunity. 
But the ongoing processes occur extremely unevenly because of the vast territory of Russia. In some regions, democracy already yields the fruits, in others the power remains in the hands of the adherents of the old regime, or random people. However, the absence of real external enemies gives us a historic opportunity to establish democracy in small spaces, to achieve a more equitable social arrangements in a decentralized manner. This contributes to the basic principle upon which the Constitution of Russia is based - the principle of federalism. 
As a representative of the interests and express the will of the economically active part of society, Baltic Republican Party invites his fellow citizens to to make a choice in favour freedom and democracy, in favor of forming a region of an open society and the social market economy. BRP believes that social dependence must give way to the social responsibility of every citizen. 
Power and Policy 
The foreign policy of enclave situation that continue in existence is problematic for the prospects of our community. The reason - current legal status of region. Position of an ordinary subject of the Russian Federation and even the Federal law “About a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region” are capable just to prolong the agony, but do not give chances for the future. In 2002, the neighboring Poland and Lithuania became members of the European Union, and the area appear alien - subject of isolation - a stain on a single political and economical map of the EU.  In this connection, BRP offers: 
to hold a referendum on status of our region, defining it as a sovereign state - The Baltic Republic - which is the subject of international law and at the same time - an associate entity of the Russian Federation; 
To hold an election of the Constituent Assembly, which will develop and adopt Constitution of the Baltic Republic, as well as the election of the President - as the main guarantor rights and freedoms of citizens; 
To hold an election of supreme legislative authority of the Republic, to be entrusted with the conclusion of the Treaty with Russia on the recognition of our right to sovereignty and the federal division of powers of the Russian Federation and the Baltic Republic. 
This will allow us to regulate  social, domestic economic and foreign relations. This will give us the right to apply for membership in the European Union and the chance that the Republic will become a place of communication and cooperation between the EU and Russia. 

Politics and economics

To be continued ...


  1. I agree mr. vailiev if they get there sovergnty and independence i would return to the my homeland i was born in koonigsberg (Kaliningrad) but i do not speak russian i speak Prussian. But i would go to my homeland and be in the navy again hopefully command my own ship like my for fathers.

  2. Michael, I will say, you are always welcome. It is pity that Brussel and Kremlin do not wish to see us united. For thoughts like that, for some, I am sort of public enemy #1. Language barrier is not a problem. Big problem that Kremlin with Brussel building new "Berlin wall" in 21-st century.

  3. yes it is my family from got kicked when stalin in power couse my family try and get feedom before but if the people unite and vote it then united nation step in. hopefully all will vote and put aside fear for freedom.

  4. and mr vailiev i was mr anamous till i read english better had my niece translate for me lol

  5. Kremlin and some people do not wish to see you Germans over here. Some kind of discrimination. Lots of Russians ( including daughters of mr. Putin) living, studying and working in Germany. Why not to kick out Russians from Germany in that case? I`m not against Russians because I am Russian myself, but just the fact. I am for Germans and united Europe. Germans should live and work here in Königsberg freely. Stalin and Hitler is all the bad past of our nations.

  6. yes and hitler not liked very much in old Prussia the country was founded for russians and germans to live in peace not just russians hopefully i can help break the homeland from russia and help make it a sovergn state again hwere both can live in peace

  7. Michael, you should understand us, we are Russians. We can`t cut our relations with Russia. It`s even just only from economic point of view not reasonable. Lots of Russians are born here, your former homeland became homland for them too. We have relatives in Russia.
    On the other side, I do understand your feelings as German and your lost homeland. Me personaly, BRP and some people standing for the return of Germans to Königsberg to live together in peace and prosperity.

  8. P.S. Prussia was a pillar of democracy in the Weimar Republic. :)

  9. yes and those are my ancestors we where a pillar of freedom and and where willing to die for it in world war 2 our army was destroyed along with the country but it took russia and germany to do it. i understand too no need break all ties to russia to many families torn apart and Prussia no mind russians just sovergnty as a nation be good enough for me.