Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The plea to Ukrainian authorities about Königsberg.

It is desirable for Ukraine to officially abandon name “ Kaliningrad” in favor of Königsberg. Mikhail Kalinin was responsible for the Holodomor ( genocide of Ukrainians) in Ukraine and it is not necessary to praise Kalinin even in the names of settlements, especially at Ukrainian maps. The name Kalinin (Kaliningrad) should not be familiar to the Ukrainian ear. This is what the propaganda of the Soviet regime sought is to make their Soviet names common among the people, so the new generations will be consider Soviet names as their own native. There is no financial expenditure for Ukraine and the maps right now not to be redrawn immediately with a new names. We do understand that Ukraine has a lot of problems, it is only the official statement about Königsberg is needed from the Ukrainian side. This is necessary first of all for the Ukrainian authorities themselves. Is it a part of Ukraine's goal to glorify the people responsible for the Holodomor? No, of course! The Ukraine can change the names of cities around the world on its maps, this is an internal matter of Ukraine. Lithuania, for example, officially calls the city as Karaliaučius, not Kaliningrad.
We want to remind the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, that Ukraine must complete decommunization because it is a matter of national security of the country. Historically, the Ukrainians called the city as Königsberg or Krolevets (as Poles and the Czechs).

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  1. Agreed, Königsberg should stop being occupied.