Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Freedom to political prisoners in Neo-Soviet Russia!

One of the leaders of Russian nationalists Dmitry Demushkin was thrown in prison for 2.5 years for a picture of a political rally in social media. He is a supporter of Königsberg and de-Sovietization. The Kremlin throwing in prison Russian nationalists who disagree with neo-Soviet policies of Kremlin and who against war in Ukraine. The other well known cases of political repression of Russian nationalists are Mr. Alexander Belov case (7.5 years of prison), Mr. Maxim Martsinkevich case (5 years of prison) and BARS group case in Koenigsberg.
Photo: Dmitry Demushkin second to left.
Photo: Dmitry Demushkin first on the right
Video: Dmitry Demushkin with flag of Koenigsberg at Kamchatka Peninsula.

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