Sunday, July 15, 2012

P-Russian Parade in Königsberg 15.07.2012

A Prussian Parade was held at 13h00 on July 15 near the Lower Pond (Schloβteich) in Königsberg. The route was along the Lower Pond. The participants in the Parade carried flags of Prussia and Königsberg, as well as the Russian imperial flags. Musicians played Prussian tunes, such as "Prussian glory", "Das Ostpreussenlied/Land der dunklen Wälder" "Fredericus Rex", "Ännchen von Tharau" and other compositions. The symbol of the parade was the wild flower, cornflower.
The purpose of this event was to highlight centuries of history of the region; the many common links connecting Prussia and Russia. Prussian History is therefore a Russian History too!
The Parade organized by Rustam Vasiliev.
See all of the photos here:

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