Monday, June 25, 2012

The Russian authorities banned a "P-Russian parade".

First of all, let me roughly translate for you the letter from the local authorities.
The formal reason for refusal of our Parade on 1 July, was the preparation of municipality for the festivity "City Day" on July 7. We were forbidden to hold parade without the consent of the mayor's office. Let me explain some Russian "laws". By the Kremlin "law", on "regulations of public rallies" we have to apply to the authorities for their authorization strictly 10 - 15 days before the parade. The answer from them usually in about a week. In case of violation of the "law" or unauthorized public rally the organizer fined up to 10,000 US dollars.
The authorities declining our constitutional "right" for "Freedom of Assembly". How our half-hour parade on July 1 could disturb the city event on July 7 ??? We know, that there will be no preparation by municipality on the lake shore ( the place for our Parade) and the reason for refusal just a bogus.
Those Kremlin authorities banned our Party, now they are not allowing the cultural event " The P-Russian parade in Königsberg". What will be next?
The local authorities are not allowing the P-Russian parade once again. We offered them a new route, the route of last parade. The authorities refused it and send us to the park, where is no people at all, only trees.



  1. Rustam, take it as some sort of compliment: Your parade is important enough that the town administration stultifies itself! Go ahead with the good work to the benefit of the people of Königsberg!!! :-)))

  2. You all wish to celebrate Prussian heritage and culture and of course history has shown there were positive connections between Prussia and Russia.

    Congratulations to you all in Königsberg.