Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EU and I. Part 3.

Dear Mr Vasiliev,

Above all, I wish to apologise for not having replied earlier to your e-mail to the European Parliament regarding Kaliningrad area. This is due to the large amount of correspondence addressed to our service.
I can confirm that your observations have been duly noted and that the Parliament is aware of the problems of this unique area. Its Resolution of 19 June 2007 on EU economic and trade relations with Russia stressed the importance of further economic and social development in the Kaliningrad region as a model for enhanced economic and trade cooperation between the EU and Russia.
As you certainly know, it is the European Commission that is responsible for implementing the policies and programmes adopted by the Parliament and the Council, and the Kaliningrad oblast given its particular geographical situation is one of the priority areas for the Northern Dimension policy.
Additionally, you may wish to address your concerns and opinions to the Directorate-General on External Relations of the European Commission:
In conclusion, I thank you for having contacted the European Parliament and I may assure you that we will stay concerned by the development of the Kaliningrad oblast in the future.
Yours sincerely,
European Parliament
Directorate General for Information
Correspondence with Citizens Unit

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