Friday, February 13, 2009

Dismantlement of Public Health Service in Kaliningrad by Kremlin.

(On photo, regional infectious hospital in Kaliningrad. See the rest of photos.)

  The children's Center of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation, can be closed on April, 1st, 2009 in connection with financing change. Ther is no money In regional budget on the maintenance of the centre. The centre of regenerative medicine has been created in 1995 and is unique establishment in the Kaliningrad region which is engaged in medical and social rehabilitation of children-invalids, including patients of children's cerebral paralysis. That is children here both treat, and learn. Now the centre serves about 500 children at the age from 3 months till 18 years.
  Maternity homes in the Kaliningrad region will be kept only in four cities – Sovetsk, Gusev, Chernyakhovsk and Kaliningrad. Delivery rooms in other cities of area will be closed, has declared Elena Klujkova the Minister of Health of region.
In the beginning of 2008, delivery rooms functioned in 21 city of area. In particular, delivery rooms in Baltiysk and Svetliy are already closed.
  According to women, closing delivery rooms is obviously planned action directed against people.
  In children's hospital № 3 of Kaliningrad, closed branch, for children who have remained without parents.
Closed children's hospital in Mamonovo, city which bordering with Poland.

(On photo, looted Hospital of fishermen.  See the rest of photos.)

  Hospital of fishermen in Kaliningrad is liquidated. Constructed long time ago by enterprises of a fishing industry for the employees.
  This establishment, serving 10 thousand inhabitants of the regional centre, has been closed by the authorities on November, 1st last year. The reason - an economic inconsistency. The hospital could not earn on a life in system of new single channel financing. The situation was not rescued even by joining hospital of fishermen to the regional hospital for the veterans, which also in the heaviest financial crisis.
  The Kremlin and Moscow`s puppets as governor Georgiy Boos with his Moscow team breaks here in Koenigsberg everything good, what Kaliningraders built for decades.


  1. those pictures look scary..

  2. Like in "Silent hill" or "Stalker". That is the reality of Public Health Service in Kaliningrad.

  3. You are so right about this. This is definitely the future for the doctor. I would like to see more of this in the future.
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