Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The diplomats of EU, Kaliningraders and cretinism of Kremlin.

( On photo, memorial service near settlement Yantarny without detained diplomats.)

  Russian traffic police, on February 1st, have detained two cars with diplomatic plates in which were consul of Poland in Kaliningrad Marek Golkovsky and consul of Germany Aristide Fenster with his wife. Diplomats was on their way to the memorial service devoted to memory of massacre by nazis at settlement Yantarny, located on the bank of Baltic sea.   The reason of detention of diplomats, according to traffic police, was that foreigners have crossed a border zone without corresponding admissions.

  Traffic police have referred to the order of FSB №238 from 2006- "The border zone limits in the Kaliningrad region"- according to which a border zone are defined by a site from frontier to the back of Kaliningrad region on depth of 5-7 kilometres.
  Stupid Kremlin law by Putin and former head of FSB Patrushev on which even we Russians, Kaliningraders should ask the permission from FSB to visit that zone. Though in that zone a few towns and villages. Mad Kremlin policy against Kaliningraders.

  At the night from January, 31st toFebruary, 1st, 1945 - under the German city of Palmnicken (nowadays settlement Yantarny, Kaliningrad region) nazis have shot thousands prisoners, most of them are Jews.
Massacre of Palmnicken.
  Because of the advance of Soviet troops in January 1945, the East Prussian subcamp of the Stutthof concentration camp was disbanded and its inmates were sent through Königsberg to Palmnicken. Only 3,000 of the original 13,000 inmates survived the forced march.   Originally, the surviving detainees were to be walled up within a tunnel of an amber mine, but this plan collapsed upon the objections of the mine's manager. Schutzstaffel members then brought the prisoners to the beach of Palmnicken during the night of January 31 and under rifle fire forced them to march into the Baltic Sea. Only 15 inmates survived the war crime.


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  3. My late mother was a survivor. does anyone knows the names of those who survived too?
    My mother's name than was Szeva Levy from
    Simc'ha Koplowicz

  4. Simcha, I will ask my Jewish friend may be they will help somehow.

  5. Simcha, I told my jewish friends, they know nothing. I told them about your story.

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