Thursday, October 4, 2012

FIFA and the world: Cancel the World Cup 2018, in "Kaliningrad", the city named after a criminal.

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We, ask FIFA to cancel the decision on holding the World Cup 2018, in a city with immoral name "Kaliningrad". "Kaliningrad" is the former Königsberg, which was renamed in 1946 to "honor" Mikhail Kalinin. Mikhail Kalinin - Chairman of Presidium of the Soviet Union, de jure the first face of the country. He is responsible for international crimes against humanity. Kalinin`s signatures on the documents for mass killings, repression and terror. Kalinin legalized killing children from the age 12. Children were killed by this criminal "law", only one «Butovo firing range» ( the mass grave) is the proof of that among many others. Kalinin signed documents for killing Polish people - Katyn Massacre. The World Cup in so-called "Kaliningrad", it is like holding the World Cup in "Himmlerburg". Holding World Cup in so called "Kaliningrad" means smearing out the world community in blood of innocent victims of the butcher Kalinin. We find it unacceptable to our moral and ethical principles, if the World Cup will be held in so-called "Kaliningrad", in the city named after criminal. The spirit of the World Cup does not correspond to the city, where international criminal such as Mikhail Kalinin is immortalized. We are for the World Cup 2018, but in Königsberg.
Here just some of the documents indicating the crimes of Mikhail Kalinin.
The Soviet law for execution of children approved by Kalinin.
Mass executions of innocent Soviet citizens approved by Kalinin.
A decree about harsher «law» enforcement.
The Katyn massacre is a mass execution of Polish nationals carried out by NKVD, the Soviet secret police, in April and May 1940. This official secret ( not any more) document was approved and signed by the Soviet Politburo, including Mikhail Kalinin. The number of victims is estimated up to 22,000.

You could post this petition to FIFA on following address: Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA-Strasse 20, P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland. Alternatively send them a letter from their link:

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