Friday, December 16, 2011

The survey on Independence and the pro-Kremlin lie.

We, the members of banned Baltic Republican Party always were suspicious about the opinion polls on the future of our region organized by pro-Kremlin people. In the Kremlin's media (and in Russia 99.9% is a Kremlin's media), all sorts of political "spin doctors" and sociologists have always argued that the number of supporters of independence in our region, only 5%. The source of these polls were always been questionable and it was never possible to verify these results.
We conducted a survey on our blog. The survey lasted for about a year. The question of the survey was completely neutral.
What is the future for the region of former East Prussia?
The results of the Russian version of the blog.
Voted - 381 persons
Independence - 219 votes (57%)

Leave everything as it is - 39 votes (10%)

Greater autonomy within the Russian Federation - 108 votes (28%)

Other - 15 votes (3%)

The results of the English version of the blog
Voted - 435 persons
Independence - 288 votes (66%)

Leave everything as it is - 29 votes (6%)

For greater autonomy within the Russian Federation - 55 votes (12%)

Other - 53 votes (14%)
So, as we see our survey is significantly different from that pro-Kremlin political analysts. Let's just say the so-called political analysts talking a lie.
This year we were filmed by one of the Kremlin`s television channel - NTV. We talked with them on various topics about 6 hours or so, but the main theme was - Russian separatism. NTV has cut all of that in just in 1 minute. We have no complaints, it is not our channel, but Kremlin`s. A journalist with whom we were talking, was quite good, but as the pro-Kremlin journalist of the state television channel, he was sceptical ( he was for the first time in Königsberg). So we offered him to conduct a survey on the streets. We arrived at the central square of Königsberg and asked around 30 persons about the future of the region . The result confused our Muscovite journalist. The majority voted for independence or greater autonomy. The NTV channel did not air that survey of course.
If you are in doubt of the results, you are welcome to Königsberg, we are happy to help you carry out the same survey with your TV crew. Of course not everybody will be willing to tell the truth on the camera, but even so you will get the result. We hope you show such survey, in contrast to the NTV channel.

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