Sunday, October 9, 2011

The supporters of Kalinin (the murderer of children), in Königsberg.

A few days ago we had a debate between the supporters of historical name of Königsberg and supporters of Mikhail Kalinin murderer of children.
The bulk of those who have transgressed all moral laws were "people" from the communist "party" of the Russian Federation. The commies are neck-deep in human blood, some individual members of other Kremlin's parties like the "United Russia" party, "Liberal democratic party" and "Patriots of Russia" party are joined to commies to swim in that blood.
Who are those advocates of devil, actually? We can call them by names.

Let's start with the bloody сommies. Dear readers should remember, that commies began to kill children with the Russian Royal family.

Boris Ponomarev, secretary of Communist Party regional committee of the ideology

Dmitry Trunov, a member of Communist Party, assistant to the MP from Communist Party Igor Revin, a former member of Limonov`s National Bolshevik Party .

Sergei Sevostyanov, member of Communist Party

Unknown сommie, but must be named.

Vladimir Nikitin, member of Communist Party, MP, representative of so-called "Kaliningradskaya oblast" in the State Duma from Communist Party.

"The renaming can only support our pro-Western elite and those who wants to live by Western standards," - said Nikitin, adding that he will be preventing the renaming by any means necessary. Commie Vladimir Nikitin criticized the idea of returning back to Königsberg as"a move to split our society." Vladimir Nikitin said that renaming of city is against foreign and domestic policies of Russia.
Our commentary:
Well, that is fine with us residents of Königsberg region, it is time to split normal people and idiots, separate from bloody сommies. It is a shame that "people" like Vladimir Nikitin representing our region in Moscow.

Viktor Gorbunov, a member of the party "Patriots of Russia".
He is confident that the subject of returning back the historical name Königsberg to the city, is not relevant. According to him, the returning back the historical name should take place only when the majority of 97% for the return of the historic names, and then you can rename. But for now residents of our region should live under the name of murderer Kalinin, it's quite normal for him, by his "logic".

Yelena Afanasyeva, MP, representative of the so-called "Kaliningrad oblast" in the State Duma from the "Liberal Democratic Party" ( no liberals and democrats in that "party"). A member of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children. She was born March 27, 1975 in Orenburg ( German name of the city).

Our commentary: The commies and their look-alikes are like nazis, they have no moral principles, they are still denying all proved crimes against Russian citizens. More than that, they deny it with the smile on their faces. They are ready to demolish even now all the past of that land. It is a pity that the residents of Königsberg and the region are going to give their votes for those "people" in upcoming "elections".

The "United Russia" party.
The "United Russia" party always like to speak about strong subordination and coordination within the party. In reality there is non. The leader of "United Russia" party Vladimir Putin and the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev are condemned the crimes of Stalin and other Soviet officials like Mikhail Kalinin. We do respect Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev and the State Duma MPs of "United Russia" party for their courage and consistent principled position. In opposition to them some of the party members from local brunch of "United Russia" party disagree. They saying, that live under the name of Mikhail Kalinin is normal. That we should lie about the past of Mikhail Kalinin to the future generation.
Who are them?

Egor Razinkov, member of of "United Russia" party, deputy "Svetlogorsk district," deputy "Primorye village"

Yevgeny Fyodorov, a representative of the region from the "United Russia" party.
 Nikolay Tsukanov, a member of "United Russia"party, the governor of the so-called "Kaliningradskay oblast".
Nikolay Tsukanov does not want to live in Königsberg. "Kaliningrad should remain as Kaliningrad". "As for my personal opinion: I was born in Kaliningrad, going to live and work in Kaliningrad, and I oppose to renaming of the city", - said Tsukanov.
Our commentary: Well, as you can see Nikolay Tsukanov do not care about moral aspects. He does not care, that our beloved Königsberg still bearing the name of communistic butcher Kalinin. Does he know about the bloody past of Mikhail Kalinin at all? Yes, probably he knows.

On 8 May 2010, Russia handed over to Poland 67 volumes of the "criminal case No.159," launched in the 1990s to investigate the Soviet-era mass killings of Polish officers. The copies of 67 volumes, each having about 250 pages, were packed in six boxes. With each box weighting approximately 12 kg (26.5 lbs), the total weight of all the documents stood at about 70 kg (153 lbs). Russian President Dmitry Medvedev handed one of the volumes to the acting Polish president, Bronislaw Komorowski. Medvedev and Komorowski agreed that the two states should continue their efforts in revealing the truth over the tragedy. The Russian president reiterated that Russia would continue declassifying documents on the Katyn massacre. The acting Polish president said that Russia's move might lay a good foundation for improving bilateral relations.

In November 2010, the State Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament) passed a resolution declaring that long-classified documents "showed that the Katyn crime was carried out on direct orders of Stalin and other Soviet officials". The declaration also called for the massacre to be investigated further in order to confirm the list of victims. Members of the Duma from the Communist Party denied that the Soviet Union had been to blame for the Katyn massacre and voted against the declaration. On December 6, 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised the whole truth about the massacre, stating "Russia has recently taken a number of unprecedented steps towards clearing up the legacy of the past. We will continue in this direction."

Nikolay Vinnichenko, special representative of the Russian President in the North-West Federal District
Words of Nikolay Vinnichenko.
“I don’t think that this is a hot topic today, although I myself have watched online forums, and various disputes on this subject,” said Nikolay Vinnichenko. "I believe that Kaliningrad must remain Kaliningrad."
In the opinion of the Nikolay Vinnichenko, “generally speaking, this is a blather on the ground level.”

Finally Sergei Sterlin, member of the Baltic Republican Party (so far), biker, editor of "Jewish newspaper Simcha".
He was saying, that Königsberg is a fascism, because Jewish synagogue were destroyed in Königsberg. According to him, Königsberg should be erased from the surface of the Earth, that we should eradicate all German culture, all historical past of that land and give a new name to the city, which will be not associated with Königsberg and German past.
Some commie-nazi techniques in the head of our Jewish friend Sergei Sterlin, we will say.
Another suggestion from Mr. Sergei Sterlin, that we from now on should associate the name of the city "Kaliningrad" with the small tree "Viburnum" ( Kalina in Russian). Well, we people of Königsberg do not see the connection of small tree "Viburnum" with the name of our beloved city Königsberg. That "logic" of Mr. Sterlin not only strange, but it is a mockery of the dead, millions of people butchered by Mikhail Kalinin. Königsberg synagogue, will be rebuilt soon and it will be under the name of "Königsberg synagogue". According to Sterlin "Königsberg synagogue" is not a nazi name, but the Konigsberg itself is. Perhaps for new synagogue will be more suitable name, "Kaliningrad synagogue", it is better for Jew Sergei Sterlin, he probably wish to smear the synagogue with the blood of victims of butcher Kalinin.Taste of blood on the tongue while saying words like "Kaliningrad" and "Kaliningradskaya oblast", but that does not bother some locals, they are already accustomed to that taste from the childhood. We are fed up in explanation of simple things to Sergei Sterlin, may be worldwide Jewish community will explain to him what is right and what is wrong. We are still hoping, that he is not lost completely for society of normal people.
Sergei Sterlin is a well known biker. Dear readers could see on photo above, that even his biker jacket bearing bloody name "kaliningrad". He, along with other local bikers ( including people from the local government like Nikolay Tsukanov), often riding in Poland, Polish bikers are joining them. Why Polish bikers are joining people who supports murderer Mikhail Kalinin??? Well, probably Polish bikers do not care about their 22.000 dead relatives. Mikhail Kalinin is responsible for that killings, he agreed to kill Polish just for being Polish.

We people of Königsberg have won those debates, 67% of those who took part in an event voted in favour of Königsberg.
P.S. In private talks one of the person listed above ( I will not mention him) admitted, that he red everything and understood a lot about Kalinin`s past. He is not defending Kalinin anymore. "F*ck him!" - that was his last words about Mikhail Kalinin.
To be continued, still in writing ( have got no time for everything) ...


  1. We are fed up in explanation of simple things to Sergei Sterlin, may be worldwide Jewish community will explain to him what is right and what is wrong. We are still hoping, that he is not lost completely for society of normal people.

    The attitude you describe of this Jewish individual is regrettable and stupid- falling into the trap of hating one culture for its perversion by an outside institution that plays people off against each other for its own geopolitical purposes.

    The wholesale expulsion of the Eastern European Germans is indeed a war crime capstone of an agenda of war crimes IMHO designed to destroy Prussia, and even set forth Jewish peoples - quite understandably traumatized by the Holocaust - to embark upon a perverted form of Zionism that went against innocent Arabs in 1948.

  2. Thank you Douglas, but as you see that hatred not only from individuals, it is from authorities. Authorities feeding ( subsidising) the press in Russia, so it is almost impossible to give the masses the truth.