Monday, April 11, 2011

Elder Blossom / Holunderblüte

Stories from the Kaliningrad region and its inhabitants: with the calamity of unemployment and the ravages of alcohol, many children are left to their own devices, in landscapes that are retuning to the wild. Games, dreams, solidarity, and the fierce will to live defy a forsaken world.
The film tells the story of the East Prussian landscape and its inhabitants. A region steeped in history. At one time Germans, Poles, Lithuanians and Jews lived here alongside and with one another. After World War II and the expulsion of Germans by the decision of USSR, USA and UK at the Potsdam Conference, the Prussian province turned into a Russian exclave, more important geostrategically than economically. An absurd rudiment of political power games.
The film dedicated to a generation, born in the 90's, and familiar with the Soviet Union and East Prussia only from school books. Their present is a different one. Parents and Grandparents who were resettled to where they are now have never really felt at home. In the meantime they have hopelessly succumb to unemployment and alcohol. Their children can only rely on themselves.
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