Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kaliningraders vs. Kremlin State.

( On photo, Polish politics trying to help somehow to Kaliningraders)

  The government's decision to raise import duties on used foreign cars and trucks, aimed at protecting domestic and foreign car producers in Russia amid the global credit crunch will come into force on January 12.
  In reality, the duty on used cars will double, and triple for trucks.
The decision has led to an increase in those wishing to bring foreign-made cars into the Kaliningrad Region since early December as people try to avoid the January deadline.
  The head of a public organization that protects motorists "Spravedlivost" ( Justice) Konstantin Doroshok said a 33-year-old man had died on the Russian-Lithuanian border crossing Friday morning on December 26 after spending several days waiting to cross the border. Driver Vycheslav Skubna will never come back to home anymore.

(On photo, Polish people helping Kaliningraders by bringing them free food and woods to warm up in freezing cold.)

  Protests by motorists unhappy with the slow processing and bribery by customs periodically take place on the border. Customs showing just open sabotage by not processing at all.
  In addition, corruption has gotten markedly worse as the level of monopolization in the economy and bureaucratization of government has increased. All of this is pushing people’s discontent to the surface.

(On photo, Polish-Russian border, Branevo-Mamonovo. Long queue for a few kilometers, almost 700 cars.)
  The anger over increased import duties is particularly strong among residents of the Kaliningrad region, the majority of which -- perhaps as high as 55 percent -- make a living either directly or indirectly connected with the sale or servicing of imported automobiles.
  To some, Visas come to an end, the Russian state compels them to break EU rules by staying in queue in their cars near borders..
  Russian newspapers and TV are silent, as the state holds the control over a freedom of speech in Russia.
  Eventually on family holidays the Christmas and New Year, the Russian state by customs bodies has thrown and left people in the winter in unhuman conditions on borders.

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