Monday, December 8, 2008

Freedom or ......
No independence movement but locals want looser control by Moscow and stronger association with EU.
What is to become of the enclave of Kaliningrad, Russian Federation territory cut off from Mother Russia and sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, soon to become an island within the European Union?
What do the residents want? There are a few hardliners who would favor independence from Moscow, setting up a new state within the European Union. This stance, however, does not reflect the general line of thinking within Kaliningrad, which favors looser control by Moscow with more association with the EU but not total integration and certainly not independence.
The looser control by Moscow is seen as a means of at least gaining some advantages from being an island on the EU territory.
Those who support the change of name from Kaliningrad to Konigsberg, its former name, quote the change from Leningrad to St. Petersburg. However, the move to change the name is evidence of the anti-Moscow sentiment in this part of Russia. Most people in Kaliningrad would agree that Moscow does not understand the feelings of the majority of people within this enclave, inhabited by ethnic Russians but with all the possibilities and infra-structures to become a separate state.


  1. Забавный вы, и довольно наивный, если думаете, что в ЕС у небольших стран есть независимость :) Может заводик какой приглядели, чтоб продать скандинавам, в случае успеха? :) Сладких снов


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  4. I personally support independence for Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg.
    However, independence will not come for at least a couple of years.
    (See how Russia handles the other breakaway states inside Russian territory.)