Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Baltic Republican Party supports Free Belarus.

The voice of a free Königsberg the Baltic Republican Party supports Belarus.

Time is changing. The communist dictators Putin and Lukashenko are a rotten Soviet past. They cannot stop time and preserve society. The free mind is stronger than the FSB, KGB, OMON, police extremism centers, courts and other destructive elements that hinder the development of the Belarus and Königsberg. The reactionary regimes in Belarus and in Königsberg are artificial and not viable in the modern European community. Free Belarus!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Königsberg vs. Coronavirus

There are only 190 ventilators for Königsberg region ( 1.000.000 population), according to local officials.

The Kremlin sent much needed ventilators and 
personal protective equipment ( for Königsberg) to New York. There are thousands of unused ventilators in a stockpile according to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. A clear example of Kremlin's "window dressing" ( Russian показуха). The US bought those ventilators in Russia. The Kremlin propaganda saying to Russians that it was a gift, humanitarian aid.

Political prisoners in Königsberg

The Russian nationalists from Königsberg were sentenced to 6-8 years of prison by a Russian court-martial. One of them is an orthodox priest. Another one is a father of 4 kids. They are already spent 3 years in solitary confinement. They were charged with an "extremism". They were persecuted for political opinion. There is no violence or something like that in this case.
A short story of persecution.

A solitary confinement cell in Königsberg, FSB prison. The political prisoners spent 3 years in that. 5 years to go ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The East Prussian store!
We did open an online store! Only East Prussian ( Prussian) symbolic. For sale t-sirts, hoodies, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, polo shirts, baby & toddler shirts, bags & backpacks, mugs & drinkware, aprons, phone & tablet cases etc.
Support the East Prussian agenda.
A new designs will be added soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The European parliament and political prisoners in Königsberg.

The fraction of European parliament, the Green Party and European Free Alliance published a map of a World Cup and the list of 108 political prisoners ( there are much more) in Russia. Just click the switch on the map from "fair play" to "foul" ( link below). Five of the political prisoners are from Königsberg. Now the West can not say, that they did not know about violation of Human Rights in Königsberg while the West played games with a criminal regime of Putin. The names of the five prisoners are: Mamayev Alexander (priest), Orshulevich Alexander, Rudnikov Igor ( journalist), Sentsov Nikolai and Ivanov Igor.
The list of political prisoners in Russia (including prisoners from Königsberg) published by the Green Party and European Free Alliance.
The text of a petition to FIFA.
While Russian stadiums will be filled with football fans, more than 150 political prisoners fill prisons all over Russia. FIFA cannot stay silent. We urge the FIFA leadership to engage personally with President Putin and Russian officials to raise this topic and make sure that the fate of these prisoners is not ignored or forgotten.
Football is about playing fair. There is no greater way to play fair than by respecting human rights. Yet, choosing Russia and Qatar as championship hosts - countries who don’t play fair - shows that FIFA is disregarding human rights and even its own internal rules.
FIFA pledges in its own Human Rights Policy to “go beyond its responsibility to respect human rights”. One point of this policy states that “where the freedoms of human rights defenders and media representatives are at risk, FIFA will take adequate measures for their protection, including by using its leverage with the relevant authorities”.
The human rights situation in Russia, this year´s host country of the FIFA World Cup, is extremely critical:
While Russian stadiums will be filled with football fans, more than 150 political prisoners fill prisons all over Russia; among them well-known Memorial human rights defender Oyub Titiev, Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov (who is on hunger strike) and more than 60 Ukrainians, including Crimean Tatars, illegally detained on unsubstantiated and politically motivated charges. FIFA cannot stay silent.
Political opposition and critical media and journalists are in constant danger in Russia. The arrests and crack down on peaceful protesters, the prosecution of ordinary people for their comments on social media, the persecution and even pogroms against LGBT people, show that Russian citizens’ fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are under daily assault. While newspapers will feature the joy of the matches, critical journalism will be suppressed. There is no real media freedom in Russia. This is neither fair play nor democratic. FIFA needs to call it out.
FIFA’s presence must not deflect attention from scandalous human rights violations in Russia, and the FIFA World Cup should not be used by the Kremlin and President Putin to whitewash the Russian regime's devastating human rights record.
One of the political prisoner Alexander Orshulevich (first left) and the leader of Baltic Republican Party Rustam Vasilev (second to right) commemorating birth of Immanuel Kant at his grave in Königsberg. On the photo former political prisoner Oleg Savvin ( first right).

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Help to the leader of Baltic Republican Party

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) refused an asylum to the leader of Baltic Republican Party Rustam Vasilev. The US authorities are planning to deport Mr. Vasilev to Russia and started the removal procedures. There is a last chance for Mr. Vasilev to stay safe in USA - the Immigration Court. He is standing before US Immigration Judge, that will decide his fate. Mr. Vasilev needs an Immigration attorney who can represent him in Court. He is still looking for a pro bono Immigration attorney. First master hearing will be held on 12 July.
Please, help to Mr.Vasilev and donate money to cover legal cost. Press the "Donate" button above and donate whatever you can. God bless you.

Prisoned journalists in Königsberg

The Kremlin regime is killing independent journalists in Königsberg.
There were 3 more or less independent newspapers in Königsberg region - "39 region", "Novie Kolesa" and "Dvornik". They were publishing sometimes an opposition views. They never published me though ( as my views about the region are "radical"), except once when "Dvornik" published my letter for a facilitation of visa regime for our region, that gathered 10.000 signatures of locals. I do know personally the owners and journalists. Now, two of the owners are in prison.

Mr. Igor Rudnikov - the owner of "Novie Kolesa" newspaper and local MP. He always published an articles about the history of East Prussia in his newspaper. He survived an assassination attempt by a "former" police officer. He recognized as a political prisoner by "Memorial" ( Russian Human Rights organization). He is charged with extortion. The Kremlin transfered him to Lefortovo prison ( Moscow). He is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Mr. Boris Obraztsov - the owner of "39 region" newspaper. I would say the best local political newspaper of the region. He was publishing the opinions of members of Baltic Republican Party. Recently, he was publishing the articles about ecological disasters that Kremlin brought to the region like mining potash in Nivenskoje ( Wittenberg). Those publications brought him to prison. He is charged with extortion. He is facing up to 8 years in prison.

Political prisoner Igor Rudnikov ( in a middle) and the leader of Baltic Republican Party Rustam Vasilev ( front).

Monday, April 2, 2018

The refusal of asylum to the leader of Baltic Republican Party.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) refused an asylum to the leader of Baltic Republican Party Rustam Vasilev. The US authorities are planning to deport Mr. Vasilev to Russia.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Boycotting a World Cup 2018 in Russia!

The Russian Federation systematically violates human rights. A repressions against dissidents have been toughened recently in Kaliningrad (Königsberg), human rights were abandoned and Freedom of Speech is prohibited. Any manifestation of civil liberty is severely suppressed, representatives of opposition are arrested and court decisions are falsified

In March 2014, on a trumped-up charges, three “Prisoners of Flag” were convicted (

In May 2017, activists Alexander Orshulevich, Igor Ivanov and an orthodox priest Nikolai Mamaev were arrested ( They are still detained without a trial ( no justice in Russia anyway). Members of opposition and other parties were also searched ( Charges are being made for any statement of person’s point of view on the Internet that do not coincide with the Kremlin's official policy.

On September 27 2017, Nikolai Sentsov was arrested for his political position. Mr. Sentsov faces 10 years in prison only because he spoke in favor of a political changes in Russia and promoted democratic values ( The authorities systematically send threats who dare to express openly their political point of view (

In November 2017 the FSB arrested Alexander Petrovsky for a political opinion expressed on Telegram ( social network). He is still in FSB prison in Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg). The authorities are planning to throw him into a psychiatric hospital.  

In November 2017 the FSB in Kaliningrad ( Koenigsberg) arrested a local MP and a journalist Mr. Igor Rudnikov. He is still in a prison in Moscow.

We, the activists of Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad), believe that in such circumstances, it is impossible to host the World Cup in the region, where human rights are violated and there is no freedom. Participation in games casts a shadow on the sport, which has a purpose to unite people and all international organizations. We urge you to refuse to held the games in Kaliningrad and not cooperate with the new neo-Soviet regime of the Kremlin, expressing that way a support for the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
Boycott to a World Cup, FIFA and a sponsors of FIFA. The Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonald's, Budweiser, KIA, VISA etc. they all going straight to a garbage bin for supporting indirectly political oppression in Koenigsberg ( East Prussia).

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Poland refused an asylum to political prisoner from Königsberg.

Dmitry Fonarev (on the left) picketing Russian Embassy in Warsaw with flag of Königsberg

Poland refused an asylum to Dmitry Fonarev a Prussian supporter from Königsberg. He spent a year in FSB prison for political action. He committed no crime, just put up a German flag at FSB office in Königsberg.
In 2015 he crossed the Polish border and asked for asylum. During his stay in Poland he learned Polish and worked all over the Poland contributing to Poland.
In October 2017 Polish authority sent him a refusal of asylum. We publish part of it in Polish.

The base for refusal is totally absurd. Polish authorities writing, that "at this moment there are no military operations in Russia, as well as there is no information on mass persecution of the population, and the majority of Russians, regardless of their nationality and religion, lead a normal life". To defend his human rights Polish authorities are sending Dmitri to Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights (a fake consultative body of neo-Soviet dictator Putin) in Moscow.
The Polish authority needs an urgent reality check.
A full video interview of Dmitry to Polish political magazine "Wyborcza".,82983,22467293,rosjanin-wywiesil-niemiecka-flage-w-protescie-przeciwko-aneksji.html?disableRedirects=true#HPw6

In January 2018 Dmitry left Poland to avoid deportation to Russia by Polish authorities. Now, he is on the run not only from ruthless Russian authority, but from Polish authority too.
"It is like a teenage love. I loved and cared about Poland, but Poland dumped me." - said Dmitry.
We, the Baltic Republican Party demand answers from Polish authorities.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Picket in Warsaw, Poland. Political prisoners in Königsberg.

A picket held in front of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Free political prisoners in East Prussia! Freedom to Igor Ivanov, priest Nickolay Mamaev, Nickolay Sentsov and Alexander Orshulevich!
They are in prison since May 2017. A clear political case, no crime whatsoever. The FSB ( ex-KGB) is trying to oppress pro-Western movement in Königsberg. The Baltic Republican Party demand the release of political prisoners in East Prussia! Down with a Kremlin tyranny!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A new arrest in Königsberg.

Nikolay Sentsov, second from left - prisoned. Alexander Orshulevich, first from right - prisoned.

Political activist Nikolay Sentsov arrested by FSB in Königsberg. Just yesterday we talked with him. Lately he was living in Poland ( East Prussian part) and came back to Russia for a few days, where he was arrested. A full blown political oppression goes in Königsberg. Russia is a member of Council of Europe. Who will answer in Council of Europe for political oppression of pro-Europeans, right in the center of Europe in Königsberg? Four political prisoners for today in Königsberg. Their names are: Nikolay Sentsov,  Igor Ivanov, Alexander Orshulevich, Nikolay Mamaev (priest).

Mr. Nickolay Sentsov


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Picketing the United Nations Headquarters.

In front of United Nations, New York City with a Captive Nations Committee.
Free Prussia! We need an answer. Why the UN and Russia are erasing Prassia, one of the greatest European Nation, culture and heritage? The Prussian nation is alive!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Captive Nations Week in New York City. Free Prussia!

 The President Donald J. Trump Proclaimed July 16 through July 22, 2017, as Captive Nations Week.

 On July 16 we did march through the streets of New York City for Free Prussia.

Captive Nation Committee in front of  St. Patrick's Cathedral. Photo Віктар Дудараў​

We attended a High Holly Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral for all nations captivated by communism.
Free Prussia!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Captive Nations Week in USA. Prussian Parade in New York City!

Dear Prussian friends, the time has come! Please, share the info about our Prussian parade in New York! We are calling for all Prussian supporters in USA and all over the world to join us in New York on 16 July. It is an official event. The President of USA Donald Trump will sign and announce about Captive Nations Week in USA. Freedom for Prussia! Freiheit für Preußen (Ostpreußen)!